While the fate of Mad Men Season 5 hangs by thread, you may need something to keep your Don Draper desires occupied, and sinking your art teeth into Stanley Chow's portrait of Jon Hamm as Superman and Batman could be a viable option. Chow specializes in clean, classic-looking prints featuring everyone from Wonder Woman and David Bowie (not together, unfortunately) to Doctor Who and Tom Waits, and every single one of them is hella gorgeous.
Chow's prints can be found on his website, as well as in his Big Cartel shop where he peddles his work. Whether you're into Wolverine, King Kong or Korean soccer stars, you're bound to see someone you recognize in there.

Also, let's get a Superman/Batman movie made right now that casts Jon Hamm in both leads. Casting Robert Morse as Darkseid and anyone else from producer Matt Weiner's cast who needs a job would be fine gestures as well. January Jones as Black Canary, anyone?

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