As fans of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" are likely well aware, the much-beloved (and arguably best) series in the Star Trek franchise's history is still in syndication on the Syfy, and we're still DVRing every episode in hopes that perhaps there's one that we missed -- an episode that could still be new to us, over 15 years later.

But for comics artist Jess Fink, who has never watched the series before, every episode is new, and she's been making mini-recap comics as she winds her way through the legendary space exploration show, starting in the middle of the third season with "The Offspring," and moving on to "Allegiance," "The Most Toys," "The Wounded," "Sins of the Father," "The Mind's Eye" and "Redemption."

Her blog is worth dropping on your RSS feed for the TNG recaps alone, but as a warning/inducement, be aware that Fink is also the creator of some highly sexy comics -- including the erotic steampunk comic "Chester 5000 XYV" soon to be collected by Top Shelf -- so not all parts of the site are safe for work, though they remain safe for hotness.

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