Stop the presses. The greatest news to ever news has just been newsed. Lando Calrissian is coming to Star Wars Battlefront.

Also Dengar.

But more importantly, Lando "King of the Capes" Calrissian is going to be a playable character in Battlefront. Generations of players have been waiting for this moment since they were born, and now we are on the precipice of a new dawn in third-person Star Wars action. A dawn so handsome, so charismatic and so silky smooth, it's amazing that one single video game can handle bringing the Cloud City Charmer to life.

Both of the new heroes will be added when the Bespin pack comes to Battlefront in June. There are no details about what Lando or Dengar will be able to do in the game, but I imagine they'll be able to shoot things. That's a pretty big priority in Battlefront.

The Bespin add-on will bring four new maps to the existing multiplayer playlist as well, including one that will let you march AT-ATs around Cloud City. I'm not even sure how that's possible, but I'm also pretty sure that I don't care. AT-ATs on Cloud City is just one of those things you never thought you'd get to see, and now we will. Of course the Carbonite Chamber will make an appearance as well, but if you can't trap people in there, it just seems kind of pointless. Here's hoping there'll be a way to kick people into the same void where Luke lost his hand and his dad's lightsaber. The jerk.

Players with a predilection for sticking to the "free" options in Battlefront won't be left entirely in the wind. DICE is planning to release Star Cards, Hutt Contracts and offer new in-game events for all players, even those who haven't splurged on the season pass. More importantly, the developer has hinted more offline, single-player content will be added in the coming months for free. A large portion of the audience playing Battlefront has resigned itself to the online only mulitplayer, but more offline action at no extra cost will certainly be welcome. It probably won't be enough to convert those consumers who haven't already dipped into Battlefront's gorgeously rendered waters, but fingers crossed this new content is actually worth the wait and hype.

And of course, there will be special, mystery in-game events happening on May 4 for all players. What's a Star Wars Day without cross-promotion?

Though plans beyond the Bespin expansion (including a firm date for Bespin's release) have been kept under wraps --- much like the mummified bounty hunter Dengar --- DICE did confirm that two heroes will be included with every map pack in the season pass. That means there are four more heroes yet to come in the Death Star and "Top Secret" add-ons. Chewie and Obi-Wan make sense, but so do Yoda and Grand Moff Tarkin. Outside of the bounty hunters, there aren't a lot of big name Empire forces to add as playable villains. IG-88 or 4-LOM might be interesting, but do they move the needle as much as Dengar (somehow) and Greedo already have?

The Star Wars Battlefront season pass is currently available for $50 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Hopefully we'll have a firm release date for Bespin not too long after PAX East later this month.


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