What do you do when DC Comics produces a Static Shock comic book that is not to your liking and then cancels it outright? If you're writer/director/actor Stefan Dezil, you make a Static Shock movie. Just ahead of what would have been the late Static co-creator Dwayne McDuffie's 50th birthday, Dezil and his crew of filmmakers have released a trailer for their 12-minute short film, Static Shock: Blackout, which uses special effects and gritty locations to bring to life the beloved Milestone Media hero who wields power over electricity.

Static Shock: Blackout focuses on a version of Daisy Watkins, the comic book love interest of Static aka Virgil Hawkins. In the film, she's "an up and coming news reporter from New York, travels to perilous Dakota City to be the first to discover the name of a teenage vigilante with paranormal abilities."

Shot for just $5,000 on the popular RED camera system, Static Shock: Blackout will be released for free online next month.

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