Attention, everyone with fond memories of watching Static Shock on Saturday mornings: You might find yourself experiencing deja vu in upcoming months, if a tease about the second season of Cartoon Network's Young Justice series turns out to mean what many fans and commentators have suggested: that Static may be joining the animated sidekick team.During an interview with the World Finest blog about getting his start in animation on the 2000-2004 run of Static Shock, lead character designer Phil Bourassa went on to promise that the second season of Young Justice will "introduce [a new character] that brings my animation career full circle." Unsurprisingly, that led people to wonder whether this meant that Virgil Hawkins was about to join the cast of the series, a possibility seemingly strengthened by a glimpse of the character in an episode that aired on Saturday (I have been contacted by Warner Bros. animation with the correction that Static has definitely not appeared in the show to date). The character's comic incarnation will also survive the April cancellation of his solo series and join the Teen Titans series.

However, Bourassa might have been teasing an entirely different character altogether. Rumors have been circulating since last year that fellow Milestone character Rocket is slated to join the Young Justice team next year, after guest appearances in the show's first season as well as appearances on merchandise from the show. If anything, Rocket makes more sense on the team than the solo star Static, sharing the "sidekick" status of current members Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl et al, thanks to her relationship with the Milestone hero Icon.

Or perhaps both Static and Rocket are about to sign up? Expect to find out in the next few weeks, as Young Justice nears the end of its first season as part of Cartoon Network's new Saturday morning DC Nation block of programming.

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