I cannot lie: I am impressed by the brainwave technology behind Mindflex and the Star Wars Force Trainer, because making things levitate with your mind is pretty cool. Less cool? Creating a tournament where Comic-Con attendees face off against booth girls, and calling it -- wait for it -- "Babes vs. Brains."

Comic-Con attendees can put their mental powers to the ultimate test during the Mindflex™ "Babes vs. Brains" tournament, as they learn to levitate a foam ball using the power of their mind before navigating through a customizable obstacle course – a truly must-see experience. Participants (the "Brains") will have the opportunity to compete against the Mindflex™ "Babes" for the chance to win a Mindflex™ game and levitation bragging rights!

Man, I can't wait to see all those brainiacs competiting with hot women to see who's better at jacking up balls. But really, I love this because it recognizes one of the fundamental truths of Comic-Con: all women are booth babes and all guys are brainy nerds. If you do not know which one you are, just consult your genitalia.

Dear Mattel, I hope your booth gets overrun by thundering hordes of "Twilight" fans and manga cosplayers and drooling idiots, because you deserve it.