Stefan Tosheff's stab at drawing Goku may prompt you to do a double take to make sure you're looking at his name in the lower right-hand corner and not that of Ryan Kelly. The Vancouver-based Tosheff deftly crafts character artwork that echoes Kelly's sense of emotion, but spend some time with him and you'll also notice some X-Men and Adventure Time pieces that will take you back to the first time you read a Todd McFarlane comic.The Kitty Pryde in particular from Tosheff's Tumblr feed tingles with a McFarlanesque vibe. X-fans, followers of Finn and Jake and Dragon Ball lovers should feel right at home in his archives, which bring on the gorgeous with every click and scroll.

Tosheff's frail take on Skeletor is interesting as well. It makes you wonder how the original figure managed to keep all that muscle on while losing so much weight in his face.