I'm a total sucker for Adventure Time fanart in all its myriad forms. There's something infectious about Pendelton Ward's characters that seems to bring out the most joyful elements of professional and amateur artists alike. BOOM! Studios graphic designer Stephanie Gonzaga gets to work with Adventure Time in a professional capacity, drawing the covers for the upcoming Adventure Time original graphic novel (written by Girls with Slingshots creator Danielle Corsetto) and the second print edition of Fionna and Cake. But that doesn't mean that Gonzaga doesn't have plenty of fun with the characters on her own time.

Gonzaga has been posting some truly wonderful Adventure Time fanart to her Tumblr, including mashing the AT style with Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena. The art is great fun (especially if you 'ship Princess Bubblegum and Marceline), and Gonzaga is especially attentive to what the characters wear and how it fits, adding an extra bit of visual interest to her pieces. That attention to fashion carries through to her original artwork. Most of the original artwork on her Tumblr is in sketch form, but it's fascinating to see the quiet, grayscale artwork contrast with the bright colors and cartoony shapes of Adventure Time.

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