Cartoonist Kate Beaton has created another characteristically hilarious webcomic lampooning the popular treatment of female characters in mainstream American comics. Called Strong Female Characters, the strip is inspired by characters Beaton created in a Twitter-based collaboration/conversation with fellow cartoonists Meredith Gran and Carly Monardo. The violent, scantily clad team of female commandos includes Georgia O'Queefe, Queen Elizatits, and Susan B Assthony.Rooted in comics' grand tradition of posing women characters with their chests and buttocks facing the same direction, Strong Female Characters is just the sort of thing the industry needs to attract new readers. Beaton explains on her blog:

We are professionals in the entertainment industry and we think we know what we are talking about when we say that there needs to be more strong female characters out there and we know just what to do about it. Finally, some women to look up to!

You can read much more of Beaton's Strong Female Characters cartoons at Hark! A Vagrant!

Collaborating with Beaton to create Georgia O'Queefe, Queen Elizatits, and Susan B. Assthony were commercial artist, 101 Reasons to Shop illustrator and Commissioner James Gordon co-owner Carly Monardo and Octopus Pie cartoonist Meredith Gran. Monardo created a faux movie poster for the heroines' first cinematic adventure.

By Meredith Gran, this handsome t-shirt design:

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