Back in 2012, Benign Kingdom was launched by Becky Dreisdadt, Frank GibsonEvan DahmKC Green, Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsch as a series of creator-owned, high-quality art books featuring webcomics creators. It's a great idea that made for a fantastic showcase of independent talent, but unfortunately, we haven't seen any new offerings from the Kingdom since 2013. After putting out a series of books featuring creators like Green, Anthony Clark, and Emily Carroll, it seemed like the project might have run its course.

But Benign Kingdom recently returned with a Kickstarter campaign meant to fund a whole new set, with 32-page art books from Meredith Gran, Dustin Harbin, and co-founders Dreisdadt and Dahm.



With eight days left to go, Benign Kingdom 2016 has raised over half of its goal, offering backers a digital version for $10, a full set of the four art books in paperback (along with a digital version) for $60, and a hardcover that collects all four in a single volume for $80, plus plenty of other purchasing options and extras.

Here's the official word from the Benign Kingdom press release, along with art by the creators:


These books will match our three previous art book sets: they will be 6.625 by 10.25 inches, and 32 pages long. They’ll have full-color, matte interiors, and their covers will be emblazoned with the seal of the Benign Kingdom in iridescent foil. Our intention is to make classy, no-nonsense books that show the art off above all else, and to offer a beautiful format for these artists to present work that may not have been published elsewhere, or is separate from the work for which they are most known.

The hardcover compilation will have the interiors of all four individual art books bound together in one book, with a foil seal on the cover. The cover images from the individual books will be included in the interior too, so nothing’s missing from the hardcover.


Art by Meredith Gran


Art by Becky Dreisdadt


Art by Dustin Harbin


Art by Evan Dahm


The Kickstarter campaign runs through June 29, 2016.