The week's over! You did it, and did it in sensational style. But while you've been off working and living and doing all those things that humans do, what have you missed in the world of comics? With Weekender, ComicsAlliance is here to give you a heads-up on some of the stories that you might have overlooked, and to showcase some great writing on comics for you to enjoy over pancakes this weekend.





Manga has been the biggest topic of the week, as news came in not only that Kodansha (publishers of Akira, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon and more) isbringing some of its library to ComiXology, but also that Viz Media has done a deal to bring weekly Shonen Jump online. Folks, it's time to stop ignoring manga and give in to all its black-and-white frenetic glory.

If, like me, you're an emotional sort, it's probably best not to start with any of the series that made this fan list of the most traumatizing manga ever made.





Jim Zub posted the full script for issue #1 of his Image series Wayward online this week. Zub knows what he's talking about when it comes to comics, and I have seventeen pages of bookmarked digital essays and tutorials to show anybody who tries to claim otherwise. The script is well worth downloading for a glimpse at how Zub approaches his comics.





Last week saw what would have been Jack Kirby's 98th birthday, and the internet ran rampant with the sounds of krackle. We had our own tributes at ComicsAlliance, including a gallery of Kirby's Marvel monster comics, and a look back at what made Kirby the greatest.

Elsewhere, Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter ran a huge gallery showcasing some of the King's work, while good ol' Graeme McMillan at The Hollywood Reporter went through five of Kirby's best stories, from Fantastic Four to OMAC. Jack Kirby remains the legend that all other legends cower before.





CXC unveiled the official poster (above) from Dustin Harbin for its inaugural show in October.

SPX announced even more guests for its 21st year, so if the likes of Luke Pearson, Kate Beaton and Michael DeForge weren't quite enough for you. Brandon Graham and Phoebe Gloeckner have now joined the lineup for the show, which takes place September 9-10 in Bethesda, Maryland.

But here's the convention story you can't miss this week: 12-year-old Cameron Bippen was all set to go to San Diego Comic-Con this year when a series of seizures forced him to go to hospital, where he stayed for several days. When he was discharged, his neighbors rallied to hold a convention at home, just for him.





Leonie O'Moore brought her new comic Lord to Comixology Submit on Wednesday. It's described as a horror/drama set in 1970s Ireland that explores the evil that lurks in a remote island community. Expect to see a lot of O'Moore over the next few years.

Heavy Metal will publish Narcopolis: Continuum, by Scott Duvall and Ralf Singh in November. The comic is a standalone tie-in to the upcoming British sci-fi movie Narcopolis from director Justin Trefgame.

Tet #1, a crime story by Paul Allor and Paul Tucker, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, comes out next week from IDW and Comics Experience. Allor has been sharing process art and other extras on his Tumblr.

Former Flash writer/artist Francis Manapul has announced his first creator-owned series, Broken Hollow, over on his Tumblr. The comic will be a collaboration with an as-yet unnamed artist. Story details have not yet been revealed.





Princeless: WomenWriteAboutComics has a great interview with Jeremy Whitley, writer of Princeless. The interview also touches on one of the most buzzed-about Marvel story in months, the Iron Fist/Misty Knight romance in Secret Wars: Secret Love.

Journalism Comics: Alastair Reid takes a look at the latest developments in integrating graphical narratives into journalistic reporting over at

Walking Dead: Cyborg and Shaft writer David F. Walker took to his blog to write about why Fear the Walking Dead is the last straw in his relationship with the adaptations of the Image series, due to the two shows' treatment of black characters. (Contains spoilers!)





Have a great weekend, everybody!

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