If you've ever wanted a thoroughly authentic glimpse at modern university life which sometimes also features extended sections of foxy boxing, then ComicsAlliance has some very good news ahead for you: Boom Box have announced that they'll be bringing a new story from John Allison's Giant Days to print in March of next year.

Following a group of girls - and their doting hangers-on - during Fresher's Week at uni and beyond, the series features all the familiar perils of life away from home; flu, food thefts, tutus, Enya; all the familiar perils. With the move to Boom Box, however, the series is going off in a new direction from the original webcomic. Allison will write, but artist Lissa Treiman will be coming in to pencil all six issues - that's her cover for issue #1 you can see up top.

Allison told us:

Lissa Treiman is an artist who submitted a guest strip to me back in 2008, and whose work I've followed since. She works in animation. When I first mentioned on Twitter that I was interested in writing a series but not drawing it, she got in touch. She was exactly the person that I hoped would get in touch, but given the rigours of her day job, I didn't want to ask.

This is the first time that I've written for another artist. When I draw, I always try to make the characters as expressive as possible. Lissa can do everything I try to do, but better, and has so many other skills. I'm really excited to be working with her.

Allison has been one of the most productive people in webcomics across the last few years, having established a whole variety of different stories and series on his site. His most well-known is Bad Machinery, which has been collected into a series of trades by Oni Press recently. He's absolutely brilliant at both dialogue and characters, and the girls of Giant Days - Esther, Daisy and Susan - are three of his funniest creations.

There's a real mix of unexpected fantasy alongside the terrific characters and real-world situation of Giant Days, too, which should make it a great fit for Boom Studios' newest and most experimental imprint. The six-part series will start at Boom Box in March.


Cover by Meredith Gran
Cover by Meredith Gran




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