Prolific Canadian comics artist Stuart Immonen will release a second volume of his more personal and otherwise non-or-not-necessarily-commercial work at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May. Centifolia V2 will collect short comics, sketches, concept designs and other artwork created by Immonen, who's best known for his long career in superhero comics like Fear Itself, The Adventures of Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man and much more. Released by AdHouse Books, Centifolia V2 will also be available in a limited edition slipcase with the hard-to-find Centifolia VI.
Containing 128 pages (32 in full color), Centifolia V2 is the sort of thing Immonen devotees will certainly want to pick up. AdHouse has a great track record for releasing eclectic work of this nature, and it's good news that the publisher will also be bringing the rare Centifolia V1 back into print as well.

"I was very happy to be approached by Stuart to help make this happen. We've been con-buddies for a few years now, and I really love his work," said AdHouse Publisher Chris Spitzer in a press release.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival runs May 7 - May 8. For more information, visit