How does a 26-page black and white digital-only comic by a smaller indie publisher like Top Shelf find itself on the ComiXology bestseller list, sandwiched between Avenging Spider-Man and the New 52 reboot of Batman? Well, the title certainly doesn't hurt: Stuff About Sex. Rather than serving up cheesecake, however, the $1.99 comic by cartoonist David Mellon sets out to teach instead of titillate. Specifically aimed at young heterosexual men with more curiosity about sex and women than knowledge, Stuff About Sex breaks down some of the less glamorous but more realistic concerns associated with early sexual experiences, like how to talk to women, feeling insecure about not knowing what to do, worrying about what's "normal," and why at the end of the day, sex is still worth all the confusion and trouble.

We've got a 5-page preview of the comic, which as you might imagine, is not totally safe for work.From the Top Shelf website:

Hey dude! So... you've never had sex before. Or maybe you have, but you're not 100% sure what you're doing or how to feel about it. Well, join the club

Thoughtful, funny, and sincere, David Mellon's STUFF ABOUT SEX... FOR GUYS WHO ARE NOT LIKE, TOTAL IDIOTS is both an instruction manual and a pep talk, man-to-man, about the things they never tell you - the who, the what, and especially the why. It's full of friendly tips: how to make a good impression, how to do more staying cool and do less freaking out, and how to be the kind of lover that girls love - instead of the selfish douche they complain to their friends about.

Think of it as a conversation with an older brother - rooted in David's own experiences, but useful to young (and old!) sexy people of all kinds. So check it out... your future sweetie will be glad you did!

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