Based in Newport Beach, California, Cheeming Boey is a cartoonist whose medium of choice is the Styrofoam cup. While seemingly innocuous, original Boey's routinely sell for hundreds of dollars, sometimes even over $1,000. Trained in computer animation, Boey found himself in a coffee bar without any paper, so he doodled on a discarded polystyrene coffee cup. The artist told The Orange County Register that he knew he was on to something, and he was right. Boey's drawings often take the form of some kind of narrative or theme, such as Japanese woodcut art, and have become so popular that he is a spokesperson used in promotional campaigns for Sharpie permanent markers.

Check out some of Boey's work after the cut.

All of Boey's cup work can be seen on Flickr. Sales at Etsy. Journal comics here.

"Under Pressure" - $800.00

"Great Escape" - $380.00

"Lolly" - $420.00

"pew pew pew" - $1200.00

"Away" - $700.00

"Saree" - $380.00

"Kite Set" (set of two) - $1400.00

"Jiang Chi" - $1250.00

"Er-Yu" - $1500.00

"Zombie Apocalypse" - $45.00

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