You just don’t see that many music videos tied into movies very much these days, but it looks like Suicide Squad is shaking things up a bit. The full soundtrack list dropped last week along with a video for a song by twenty one pilots, and today brings yet another video for an original track from David Ayer’s devious DC anti-superhero flick — this one from Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons.

The song is called “Sucker for Pain,” and it also features Logic, Ty Dolla $ign and X Ambassadors. As for the music itself, it’s fine, if evocative of the kind of thing you’d see on MTV in the early to mid ’00s, but the video does offer some new footage from Suicide Squad — just in case you were getting tired of seeing the same trailers over and over, and if you go to the movies as much as I do, then you totally are.

The new footage isn’t super substantial and it’s mostly of Jared Leto’s Joker, who will also be featured in a music video for Rick Ross and Skrillex’s “Purple Lamborghini.” That one will be a bit different, however, as Leto got back into character to film new footage.

Suicide Squad arrives in less than two months, so prepare to see much, much more from Ayer’s film in the coming weeks.

It feels good to be bad… Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.