Viral marketing is a pretty hit or miss business. Hollywood’s current king of viral campaigns, Ridley Scott, has lured audiences to his films by putting out video campaigns before his movies — before Prometheus, he released a few “ads” for Michael Fassbender’s David android, and ahead of The Martian’s premiere last year Scott’s team created a YouTube channel full of video diaries from the crew of the Ares III. Viral campaigns are designed to tease out interest in their films by providing the future audience with little bits and pieces of what they’ll see when they make it to the theater. The latest campaign, strangely enough, comes from Suicide Squad, which launched an odd little website today designed to let fans of the film click around “classified” documents and hunt for clues about the DC cinematic universe.

Only, there’s not much to see. Yet.

The website,, looks like the background of a desktop computer, with the A.R.G.U.S. insignia right in the middle. A.R.G.U.S., if you recall, is the government agency headed by Amanda Waller that is responsible for gathering the Suicide Squad together.


Warner Bros.


When you click on the little “ARGUS_SECURE” pyramid in the top right corner, a window opens up with a bunch of folders, only one of which, at the moment, you can open. The “TASKFORCE_X” folder contains files on the members of the Squad, but you can’t access any information. There’s another folder labeled “METAHUMANS” that no doubt includes the files on the future Justice League members that Bruce Wayne obtains from Waller in that mid-credits scene (that he... already had? in Batman v. Superman?).


Warner Bros.


The only file you can open is the one labeled “JOKER,” and all that one has is a bunch of redacted information and his nickname, the “Clown Prince of Crime.”

The site is not doing itself any favors by looking like it was designed in 2005, and it’s a little anticlimactic to basically have no accessible information up right now. At the moment, the only information you can read is the privacy policy. But this is no doubt marketing for the film’s impending home video release, and we’re sure to see more information up on the website as that date nears. It could be like Pottermore, with new information steadily becoming available as the weeks go by, but does Suicide Squad have enough of a following for people to keep checking back for new content every day?

Suicide Squad will be available digitally on November 15, and comes to video store shelves on DVD and Blu-ray December 13.