I wasted a lot of energy in my rocking and rolling teenage years trying to convince people that "emo" wasn't a thing, but you know what? I'm too tired to care anymore, so let's just marginalize a style of rock and roll I enjoyed at 16 and agree that sad things are cute, eh?

That's the best way to appreciate the truly awesome "Super 'Emo' Friends" prints by JSalvador Design, which as i09 has pointed out, are available for sale on Etsy.

They're cute, they're clever, and they seem to have been done by a creator who is in on the "emo" riff rather than some hater circa 2001.

There's 12 characters in all, each retailing for $20 a piece - or you can get the full set of prints for $200.

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Just be sure to save some money for some Grade vinyl to spin while contemplating one's oneness in a pair of Converse drawn on with Sharpies. Trust me - it's a winning combination.