I appreciate winter weather more than many, as it kills off allergens that plague me during autumn, but these past few weeks of trudging through dirty car snow reaffirm my preference for warmer seasons.

There are still obvious upsides to the cold and snow, however, particularly the chance to build snowmen/women/things. After all, sculpting Mother Nature's shaved ice into recognizable anthropomorphic structures is an art form that provides comic fans a rather fine outlet for creativity.

Like all art forms, snow sculpting can be appreciated across a level of complexities. Sometimes it takes a team of professionals to render a hero, while other times amateurs can pull of an icon with charismatic simplicity. It's a beautiful thing, really.

Take a look at a smattering of comic book and comics-friendly snow sculptures culled from around the Internet after the jump...Batman:

Super Mario:

Cute friendship between tiny kitten and giant dog

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