Do you like violent, foul-mouthed teenaged superheroes a la "The Boys" and "Brat Pack," but wish they were drawn more like children's books? Then man, have we got the book for you: "Superf*ckers" by James Kochalka.

While the idea of badly behaved, out-of-control teen superteams is hardly a new concept, they've never been drawn with such simplistic, colorful joy -- or been so simultaneously appealing to people who both love AND hate capes and rights. The pleasure you derive from this can be ironic or sincere! It's your choice!

The first and only "Superf*ckers" collection comes out from Top Shelf in March -- collecting the deceptively numbered, complete series run of #271-279 -- with all new material like the metafictional "Jack Krak" #1, a spinoff comic starring one the characters. ComicsAlliance has an exclusive preview of some of that new content after the jump, where consistently profane a-hole/hero Jack Krak receives the first shipment of his self-titled miniseries.

Oh, and since we've got some rules about f-bombs on CA, we've had to black-bar part of the dialogue, so if you really want the raw, uncut version, you'll have to buy the book.

(Click to embiggen)

There are more preview pages at the Top Shelf site, which unsurprisingly involve significant NSFW language.