Over at action figure blog and webcomic powerhouse Shortpacked!, a hefty dose of razzmatazz is being heaped upon the latest Justice League Unlimited three-pack - which includes Super Friends alumni Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai -- and I can't say that the digs are undeserved.

Really, are DC Direct and Mattel so short on ideas that they've got to start churning out action figure versions of the Super Friends? That's like the folks at "Smallville" resorting to cameos from the Wonder Twins. Wait, that's actually happening. Bad example.

I guess my only bone of contention is with the assertion that all samurai wear pants. True, at some point, most or all samurai warriors probably strapped some leggings on and braved the day, but let's be serious here. You really don't think samurai ever lounged around their homes with only a fresh cloth undergarment covering their no-no-places, with torso gear still firmly in place? I know Tom's with me -- isn't that right, Tom?

Pants or no pants, it is pretty embarrassing that Apache Chief's hairy spots are showing. If you're a hero in the public eye and you make the conscious decision to wear brown briefs as your bottoms of choice, you should probably make sure to keep some clippers handy. Not even superheroes are immune to humiliating netherlands exposure

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