Ever since it first started, Mike Maihack's Batgirl/Supergirl has been ComicsAlliance's favorite take on those two characters, probably ever. The strips are unfailingly charming and delightful, and the clash between Batgirl's understandable grumpiness and Supergirl's relentless cheer makes for some classic comedy. Now, though, we're all getting pretty excited about the official version of Batgirl, with the announcement of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr's impending takeover of the book with an amazing new costume, it looks like there might be a rival for our Batgirl-related affections coming up soon.

But, as Maihack has proven in his latest strip, there's nobody more excited about Batgirl's new costume than her best friend Kara.

Costumes have been a recurring theme in Maihack's depiction of the two characters, whether it's Batgirl's explanation of how her crime-fighting gear started out as a Halloween costume, or Kara's tendency to change her costume at the drop of a hat with super-speed sewing:


Batgirl/Supergirl by Mike Maihack


It seems that Batgirl's recent costume change is something that the super-fashionista finally approves of -- and she even gives Harley Quinn a redesign to boot.

Maihack's strip is, of course, part of a massive wave of support from fans for the new design for Batgirl, much of which has been collected at a Tumblr run by the creators, so if you were curious, it's not just Kara. Pretty much everyone with eyes likes that new costume a whole lot.

If you're the collecting kind, Maihack is also selling the original art for this particular strip.

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