Cartoonist Mike Maihack concludes his trilogy of one-page Supergirl/Batgirl strips with this eminently cute Christmas-themed one-off in which the Girl of Steel once again defeats her old chum on the battlefield of fashion. In this case, Batgirl endures the superhero equivalent of getting socks for Christmas. Check it out below.

Writing on his blog, Maihack said this holiday episode is likely the last of his Supergirl/Batgirl strips (the first one is here, the second one is here, and Supergirl/Batgirl piece for DC Fifty-Too is here) Although they've proved to be very popular and inspire everyone who reads them to wonder why they aren't proper DC Comics projects released as often as possible, Maihack wishes to focus more on his own work, the similarly lovely Cleopatra in Space. Keep with that and all of Maihack's art at his website and Tumblr blog.