The first season of Supergirl cleverly side-stepped the comic alter-ego of David Harewood’s Hank Henshaw to make the identity a cover for Martian Manhunter, but the real Cyborg Superman may arrive in a roundabout way. A new synopsis for “The Darkest Place” reveals the steely Superman’s debut, but who’s behind all the gear?

The CW released an official synopsis for its November 21 Supergirl Season 2 outing, in which Kara manages to infiltrate Cadmus to rescue a captive Mon-El. The synopsis doesn’t offer too many details on Cyborg Superman (hint: he’s not played by Tyler Hoechlin), but see for yourself:

IT’S SUPERGIRL VS. CYBORG SUPERMAN — While Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) tries to clear his name after being accused of a murder committed by another vigilante, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) heads out on a solo mission to rescue Mon-El (Chris Wood) who has been captured by CADMUS. While fighting to free Mon-El, Supergirl comes face to face with Cyborg Superman.

Be warned of possible spoilers from here on out, but smart money places Cyborg Superman as what’s become of Kara’s adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers, as played by none other than former Superman Dean Cain. We know Jeremiah’s been a captive experiment of Cadmus for some time, while past years spent with the original Hank Henshaw puts his origin in line with the comics plenty.

Then again, comics more recently introduced another Cyborg Superman (opposite Supergirl, no less) in the Kryptonian Zor-El. The synopsis might cleverly hint that Mon-El himself has become Cyborg Superman, if Kara arrived too late to rescue him from Cadmus’ experiments.

We’ll find out for certain on November 21, but how might Supergirl realize Cyborg Superman? Check out the “Crossfire” trailer in the meantime.


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