About the moment The CW confirmed Supergirl would fly to The CW (and Vancouver) for Season 2, fans had to wonder if Calista Flockhart’s fan-favorite Cat Grant might bow out. We may have an answer, as Supergirl sets Cougar Town star Ian Gomez as Kara’s new boss Snapper Carr, a notable Justice League name, but one likely to pull a bit of focus from Cat.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news, namely that Supergirl Season 2's iteration of Lucas “Snapper” Carr would arrive as “editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine. Snapper’s commitment to hard-hitting journalism pushes CatCo reporters to dig deeper in the pursuit of excellence. He’s a man who tells people what he thinks of them, and his no-holds barred approach pushes Kara (Melissa Benoist) in unexpected ways.”

Certainly Kara’s new job at the end of Supergirl Season 1 left open the potential for new characters in the workplace hierarchy, but one has to imagine Gomez takes some of the weight off Calista Flockhart, whose full-time move to Vancouver always seemed unlikely. In the comics at least, Carr served as a youthful companion to the Justice League, and may here serve as someone with a similar history.

Meanwhile, in addition to the introduction of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Lynda Carter as this particular Earth’s POTUS, Supergirl Season 2 will cast several notable roles that include Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, DC police officer Maggie Sawyer and several others. Still unknown is if Supergirl Season 2 will introduce Superboy, given that mystery Season 2 cliffhanger, or how the Maiden of Might ends up in that epic four-way superhero crossover.

Supergirl has plenty other questions to answer on the road to Season 2's October 10 premiere, including from Comic-Con 2016 next week, but will Kara end up seeing less of Cat?


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