With the popularity and abundance of online cosmetics tutorials and beauty blogs, many have found an outlet of self-expression through the art of cosmetology. From learning how to contour and accentuate facial features with standard cosmetics to complete transformations through the use of FX makeup, cosmetologists are extremely attentive to detail and form, not unlike studio artists.

One particular realm of cosmetology that's always fascinated me is the art of nail design. I'm in constant awe of how these artists are able to achieve such detail on each fingernail with only miniscule brushes and tools. The results are tiny masterpieces -- literally at your fingertips. To my delight, it was only a matter of time that comic book enthusiasts started dabbling in nail art and painting their favorite four-color heroes and villains in the forms of DIY manicures. Hit the jump to check out these awesome comics-themed manicures inspired by Scott Pilgrim, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Archie, Wonder Woman, Batman and more.

Scott Pilgrim nails, by MaryMars.

Custom Gotham City Sirens nail set, by Jihye Lee

This nail set features miniature portraits of each Batman femme fatale, as well as their respective pets (note: I think that I can safely say that this is probably the only manicure in existence that contains both a hyena and/or a Venus Flytrap). Check out that teeny, tiny Batarang dangling off the pinky nail! :D

Blackest Night/Brightest Day manicure by Quasi Stellar Nails

Harley Quinn nails by MaryMars

Archie nails by Swatch and Learn

A manicure featuring Riverdale's finest! I wonder if Katy Keene would rock these nails...

Batgirl Nail Set, $8.00, Hot Topic

Although I love black and gold motifs, I really wish this set was a little brighter to reflect the retro-colorway of Barbara's costume. At the very least, the packaging makes me hopeful for sets of Harley Quinn and Catwoman nails in the near future :D

Supergirl Nail Set, $8.00, Hot Topic

#REALTALK: I actually really adore these nails over the Batgirl Nail Set, especially the second set that represents not only Supergirl, but Batgirl and Wonder Woman as well :D

Captain America nails, by Diava's Lacquer Box

Wonder Woman manicure by Diava's Lacquer Box

Comic onomatopoeias by Rubia Olivo

DC Comics Superheroes Nails by Jeea Lee

Holy moly, these are amazing - the little painted emblems look like nail decals!

Avengers nail set Jihye Lee

Jihye Lee works her Marvel-ous nail art skills on this set of Avengers-themed nails; these tiny manicured masterpieces are currently up for sale on her Etsy for a mere $7! I absolutely love the nails for Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Thor.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy nail set by Jihye Lee

Jihye Lee created this beautiful set of fake nails inspired by two of the most glamorous residents of Arkham Asylum. While I don't wear fake nails myself, I'm in complete awe of the detail and execution of these tiny masterpieces.

Batmanicure by Ashes to Ashes

Although I can't even fathom functioning on a daily basis with nails this long, I really love the use of grey polish in this manicure, especially with the ratio of yellow:grey on the thumbnail.

Batman nails by ThaJuddy

HOLY BAT-MANICURE, BATMAN! I love this so much! However, I would've opted for a Harley nail and a Catwoman nail on the Rogues side...


Avengers vs. Justice League manicure by ThaJuddy

Now, that's what I call a Supermanicure/Batmanicure/Wonder Womanicure/Aquamanicure/Spider-Manicure/Iron Manicure... and I'm done.

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