If you've taken a trip to Hollywood Boulevard lately and noticed a severe lack of frumpy superheroes and villains (made famous by Matthew Ogens' documentary "Confessions of a Superhero"), be sure to thank to LAPD and their recently imposed, groan-worthy "Zorro Tolerance Policy" (see what they did there?), which basically outlawed the group of aspiring actors from dressing up as recognizable characters and taking pictures with tourists.

However -- true to their fictional counterparts -- the Hollywood Heroes aren't taking the new ordinance laying down, and are utilizing the medium that initially brought them into the public consciousness with an all new documentary titled "Superheroes Strike Back!"The doc, which looks to be funded by Craigslist TV and will be distributed on YouTube this month, follows the aftermath of aMay 28, 2010 incident in which several of the actors were arrested for violating the LAPD's costumed crackdown. In the wake of the arrests, Christopher Dennis (who portrays Superman) posted a call on Craigslist for his fellow Super-companions to rise up and fight back -- only as the trailer shows -- not everyone is onboard or shares Dennis' ideas.

That, and apparently Elmo is one evil SOB -- enough to bring even the Hulk to levels of despair.