The solicitations for November's books reveal that Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, by Nick Spencer, and Steve Lieber, and the New Warriors revival, by Christopher Yost and Marcus To, will offer up their swan songs that month.

Neither series sold particularly well -- both were near the bottom of the charts -- but each drew critical acclaim, particularly Superior Foes.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man, which follows the exploits of a team of second (or third) string villains led by Boomerang, actually managed to live for a while past its expiration date. It was initially planned to end after a 12-issue run, but it was extended, in part due to being such a critical darling.

The solicitations for the last several issues have included "Still not canceled!" so it's clear the creators knew the axe was coming sooner rather than later.

Superior Foes is one of the few genuinely funny Big Two books on the stands -- for a taste of its humor, consider that the five-member team calls itself the Sinister Six -- and Lieber has done some great sequential storytelling in its pages. Its last issue will be #17.

As for New Warriors, it has been a more straightforward superhero book. To's art has been beautiful, and critics have given Yost praise for his handling of a really large cast. The New Warriors name is still fondly remembered by fans of the series' original early '90s 75-issue run, and this latest iteration was perhaps closer in conceit to that original run than other recent incarnations, but the book clearly struggled to find new fans amid a slew of high-profile launches. New Warriors will end with issue #12.

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