Doctor Octopus might be getting all the attention right now, what with him inhabiting Spider-Man's body and all, but a team of Spidey bad guys is looking to steal some of it away this July, when writer Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber team up for Superior Foes of Spider-Man, a new ongoing series inspired by 1991's Deadly Foes of Spider-Man series.

In an interview with, Spencer said this team will be the "working class guys": Boomerang, The Shocker, Speed Demon, The Beetle and Overdrive. Only those five are named, but the team is apparently the new Sinister Six, "looking for a quick score," Spencer said.He continued:

"It's Boomerang's gang, though obviously, these characters being who they are, that authority won't go unquestioned. One of the fun dynamics we have is we have three guys with a lot of history: Boomerang, Speed Demon, and Shocker have run in the same circles and been in the same crews for years now. But then they've brought in two fresh faces: Overdrive, and the new Beetle. And these two might view the whole scene pretty differently. They haven't been beaten down quite as much, or they have new ideas on how to get things done. It makes for an interesting mix."

Spider-Man will be an integral part of the book, Spencer said, even if he's not around all that much. Spencer and Lieber will also be diving into the personal lives of these baddies; Spencer says they're similar to Spidey himself in that they've got "hard-luck stories."

Of course, some questions remain unanswered. Why aren't they the Sinister Syndicate if there are only five of them? Is there an as-yet-unrevealed sixth member? Is it Big Wheel?

Fans will find out in July.

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