We've created our share of obnoxious salutational stationary here at CA, but as reinforced by the veritable treasury of "Superman and Friends" greeting cards at Andertoons' Flickr account, the truth is sometimes twice as splendid as fiction. Andertoon's massive gallery includes nearly 50 individual cards wishing recipients well and/or commemorating all manner of non-seasonal occasions through DC's trinity of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman plus Bats' rogues and at least one humble Captain Marvel appearance. The best part? It's from the happy, crisis-free year of 1978.

The cards' content is technically all-ages and loaded with gags, but some of the best content stems from Superman and Wonder Woman's (and Lois' - Superman gets around!) intense sexual tension. It's so thick you could cut it with a Kryptonite/enchanted Amazonian knife. It almost makes me wonder if these cards inspired Frank Miller's mountain-pulverizing "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" love scene between the two titans.

Big ups to Kevin Church for pointing this gallery out to the Internet at large via The Daily Batman.

Check out the hilarious gallery after the jump, but be prepared for a heaping helping of disbelief.

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