They've been the "World's Finest" as well as "Public Enemies" together, and now longtime voice actors Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Tim Daly (Superman) are joining forces for the upcoming "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse." Additionally, the duo will be joined by former "Serenity" and "Dollhouse" star Summer Glau as the voice of Supergirl.

Fans got a glimpse of the upcoming direct-to-disc animated feature's box art earlier this week. The story, which looks to be based on Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner's modern reintroduction to Supergirl in the second arc of "Superman/Batman," seems ripe for the kind of robust vocal performances fans have come to appreciate from Conroy and Daly over the years. As an actress known slightly more for her action scenes and acrobatic feats than her voice, Glau hasn't achieved the iconic status of her co-stars just yet, but it's certainly nice to know a genuinely athletic and determined performer is behind a character who hasn't always gotten the respect she deserves. Who knows, maybe she'll even be animated in bike shorts?[Via CBR]