Typically, Star Wars and Batman aren't two topics you'd freely associate. Though both are clearly very big players in the genre geek space, the closest you'd come to a crossover of any kind is in some fan art or fan fiction that mashes the two iconic properties together. However, that's not always the case, and sometimes the universe comes together in spectacular, unexpected ways.

This past weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con, both Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle were on hand for a "Voices of Batman" panel. It's one thing to get to see the longtime voice of Batman and his futuristic successor in person to chat about their experiences playing different versions of the Dark Knight. It's another entirely to witness them act out one of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history as Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis. That's just what happened when a Batman cosplayer approached the mic, and asked the dynamic duo if they'd re-enact Darth Vader's and Luke Skywalker's exchange in Cloud City.

The scene was captured by The Geek Generation (via The Mary Sue), who happened to be on hand for the once in a lifetime panel event. Normally, I'm of the mind that asking actors to perform for the audience at a panel is a no-no. However, as more and more voice actors come to prominence for their performances in games, movies and TV shows, it's become a staple question of any given panel. That's doubly true when the actors and the characters are as big a deal as those represented at this particular event.

Now, for what it's worth, the fan wasn't rude in any sense, and both Conroy and Friedle seemed more than willing to partake after a bit of awkward silence. Hearing an aged Bruce recite the words Darth Vader made so memorable and Terry acting as the stunned Luke is particularly a treat if you happen to know the full history of the characters as explored in Justice League Unlimited (and if you're here on this site, then you probably do). It's a brief moment that shows these guys still know how to have fun with the characters after all these years. This could have gone very wrong with a different group of actors. Fortunately for everyone in attendance, and those of us watching at home, the panelists were good sports about the whole thing.


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