Superheroes have to make some pretty sudden exits to deal with life or death situations, and usually end up making a lot of bogus excuses in their secret identities in order to race away. While we, the readers, know that they're standing up their dates in order to save the world, to the people around them they more likely seem rude, unreliable and disinterested.

In an unofficial comic by Colleen Coover, the Gingerbread Girl artist imagined how Clark Kent's mercurial behavior might look to his ex-girlfriend Lana Lang, and the shall we say conclusions she might jump to. "Once the title came to me, I thought about how funny it would be if Lana behaved like a REAL ex-girlfriend," said Coover. "Or in the case of Clark Kent, a real childhood friend who would have dated him but she was too busy going out with the most perfect teenage boy in history who could by the way fly."

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