As ubiquitous as hands-free GoPro cameras have become in action sports (I notice about a dozen atop helmets every time I go snowboarding) and parkour, there are scant few videos online showing the HD recorders at work in costumed crimefighting. Thanks to the team at Corridor Digital and their drone-flying friend Taylor Chien, Superman fans now have some insight into what it'd look like if The Man of Steel strapped one to his Kryptonian noggin' and flew around southern California Metropolis.

The Corridor Digital team is led by directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and producer by Jake Watson. They've specialized heavily in video game shorts so far, but this time they tapped comic books and presented a pretty on-point Superman who works to help his city... even if the "look at all the cool stuff we can do" nature of the video necessitates he interact with his environment a little less gently than the Last Son of Krypton otherwise might. Corridor Digital is currently utilizing the crowdfunding platform Patreon to raise funds for further projects, so maybe we'll see more superhero shorts soon.


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