It's no secret that the Tim Burton-Kevin Smith-Nicolas Cage, Superman Lives project is one of the greatest "what the hell happened there?" stories in the comic book movie realm. It seems that almost every few months, some new photo, video or news tidbit manifests online, challenging our notion of just how crazy could that project might have been (electric suit or greasy hair anyone?). Now, a new documentary aims to sift through all of the insanity to bring us comprehensive details... provided it can raise the capital on Kickstarter.Tentatively titled, The Death of "Superman Lives: What Happened?, Jon Schnepp's documentary intends to tell the story of the various attempts to get the Man of Steel off the ground between 1987 and 2006. His plan is to interview as many people involved with project as possible as well as recreate scenes from the script.

The goal of the Kickstarter is to reach $98,000, with the intention of having the film ready to preview by this year's San Diego Comic-Con International. As of press time, Schnepp has raised more than half that amount, with 39 days left to fund the remainder.

Of course, this Kickstarter comes right on the tails of new photos surfacing of Nic Cage sporting a very traditional-looking Superman suit. Well, as traditional as a rubber muscle suit can look, anyway.

If you can't wait for the doc to get funded, you can always check out our previous coverage of the failed project. Personally, I would pay in blood to see Superman fighting polar bears.

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