We've been pretty hard on Tim Burton's failed early '90s Superman revamp, Superman Lives, but it's only because it seems to be the stupefying gift that keeps on giving. We've already looked on in horror at Nicholas Cage's screen test and numerous stills of the confounding fiber-optic exoskeleton he'd don during his return to life after his demise at the hands of Doomsday, but now that a full-fledged video of the electrified exoskeleton has hit YouTube, fankind's chances of forgetting the entire affair have officially been obliterated.
The footage gives a rundown of the suit's various components, with commentary from the crew that put it together. It'd be pretty easy to criticize these cats for assembling this affront to the classic Supes design, but that wouldn't exactly be fair. As far as I'm concerned they were just professionals earning a paycheck from Burton's madness.

The relative innocence of the suit's creators aside, watching this vid still feels akin to peeking into a mirror universe where Burton's $50 million in expenses (before it got canned) might have been widely appreciated, and that's a startling sensation indeed.

See the suit in all its glowing glory horror below:

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