The release of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham Knight has come and gone, and left a divisive trail in the Batmobile's wake. Whether you found the missions focused on the tank-like Batmobile tedious or thought the inclusion of Batman's iconic ride was a brilliant gamble on Rocksteady's part, the developer is still planning on supporting the game with even more Batmobile goodies. While the Batgirl story DLC is dropping this month (this week for Season Pass holders, next week for everyone else), Rocksteady has teased the next batch of add-ons with some new images.

Where the Batgirl missions will be handled by Arkham Origins studio WB Montreal, the remaining content will be handled exclusively by Rocksteady. We know the next six months of DLC will introduce new villains, skins, challenge maps, race tracks, Batmobile models and story missions, but we know little details about what that means. For all we know, the only story missions will be the Batgirl content arriving this week, and the remainder just be different skins, Batmobiles and race tracks. Case in point, the upcoming August drop, which features seven new skins, and the classic Tim Burton era Batmobile.

The 1989 film is a fan-favorite, and it makes sense given the Batmobile's presence in the core game that Rocksteady would try to include the remodeled Corvette in Arkham Knight. There will be two race courses included based on Batman Returns, and it looks like one will be Wayne Manor and the other is possibly the Gotham Zoo (maybe?). It's hard to tell in the image, and Rocksteady hasn't provided details beyond these promotional pictures.

It's cool to see the Batmobile from those movies brought to life for the first time in a game that can actually handle recreating a very authentic digital version. However, given the Batmobile's abilities in the core game, I'm a bit curious how this version will work on the street of Gotham in battle mode, or if it will be available in the main game at all. This seems like more than just a simple skin like the 1966 Batmobile paint job you could apply to the Arkham Knight version of Batman's ride. This car is longer, leaner, and doesn't exactly look like it can transform into a tank as easily. Maybe it will. We'll have to wait until next month to find out.

Next month's DLC pack will also include six skins from the comics for Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin. As you can see, there'll be a 1970s Batman, pre-Batman, Inc. gray and black Batman, Arkham Origins Batman, 1990s Catwoman, Arkham City Nightwing and One Year Later Robin. Almost all of them look good, but that Catwoman is some kind of terrible. Not in the costume itself, mind you, but whatever that thing on the back of her head is sure isn't doing that look any favors. It's supposed to be hair, but that is just some kind of terrible render.

There's no word on individual pricing (or a release date) for the August content yet, but it will be included as part of the Arkham Knight Season Pass ($40). Based on the value of the earlier DLC, I sure hope there's more bang for the buck with this upcoming content.


Rocksteady Studios
Rocksteady Studios

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