Following a few still reveals earlier this week, Warner Bros. Animation has supplied MTV with the full trailer for Superman vs. The Elite. Set to debut at WonderCon this weekend, the animated feature adapting the 2001 Action Comics #775 story "What's So Funny About the Truth, Justice and the American Way" by Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke and Lee Bermejo seems pretty spry in 2012. Though the original story was deliberately illustrated to evoke the gritty tone of The Authority and other edgy superhero titles of the early 2000's, the more traditional WB animated style doesn't seem to detract from the gravitas of a plot that pits a virtuous hero against self-appointed killers devoted to breaking Superman. Click past the cut to see the new trailer for Superman vs. The Elite.

Comforting as it is to hear George Newbern (Justice League/Justice League Unlimited) voicing Supes in the trailer, the best thing about the trailer is the confirmation that Robin Atkin Downes didn't overdo Manchester Black's accent. Downes provides what seems to be a good balance of menace and psychotic whimsy rather than pulling a Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, although I'm sure Downes (and the rest of humankind) could stand to emulate Van Dyke's dance moves.

Still no word on a proper release date for Superman vs. The Elite, but I suspect it'll be announced soon. See the new trailer below.

[Via MTV Geek]

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