Design: The Clark&Kent Ad Agency riffs on its name with a Superman-inspired business card that transforms into a telephone booth. [Super Punch]

Opinion: Stephen Totilo says goodbye to his longboxes in a piece pondering the implications of digital comics. [Kotaku]

Studies: Gary Tyrrell continues to explore KickStarter trends, this time focusing on rewards. [Fleen]

Storage: Mimoco is releasing new The Dark Knight Rises and DC superhero Mimobots of Batman, an SDCC 2012 exclusive Bane, Superman and... the Flash. Finally, all of our "Flash Drive" jokes have been fulfilled! [Mimoco]

Animation: Best Buy's Blu-ray, DVD, Ultra Violet Superman vs. The Elite combo pack includes a Manchester Black figure. [Super Punch]

Gaming: There's a Kinect controlled Power Rangers Samurai game on the way from Namco Bandai. I need a bigger living room. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: The Dark Knight Joker 2.0 figure from Hot Toys will come packed with a pretty full wardrobe, it seems. [HT]

Gaming: A new trailer for Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles shows off the Infinity Gauntlet table. The game is due out on the PlayStation Network one June 19 and Xbox Live Arcade on June 20. [Joystiq]

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