DC Comics has announced via its sister company Entertainment Weekly that a future issue of Justice League will see Superman and Wonder Woman begin a super romance. The move is in contrast to how the heroes have traditionally been portrayed, with Superman paired with Terran female Lois Lane and Wonder Woman with puny humans Batman or Steve Trevor, but of course those and numerous other pieces of DC lore were thrown out when the line rebooted almost a year ago. Writer Geoff Johns told EW that the development is not intended as merely a temporary attention-grabber but rather a substantive change to the ongoing characterization of the popular heroes, with artist Jim Lee adding, "Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows. We welcome the watercooler chatter."A romantic relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman is not without precedent. The couple notably got it super-on in Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, but both of those stories are considered non-canonical in spite of the fact that they've been read by vastly more people than the overwhelming majority of every canonical Superman Wonder Woman story ever published.

But August's Justice League #12 is part of DC's New 52 initiative, which last year voided official Superman and Wonder Woman continuity and with it both characters' long established relationships with their previous partners. This is a fact seemingly lost to a number of DC readers, who've already begun tearing their virtual hair out over this announcement on Twitter and elsewhere in response to Johns' remark, "This is the new status quo."

EW's Jeff Jensen described the relationship as being borne out of some traumatic event, and that the coupling will have a "seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe." That sounds like the cosmic equivalent of your neighbors f***ing too loudly in the upstairs apartment, and perhaps a compelling reason to read Justice League. That and the handsome cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, reportedly inspired by Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" and Alfred Eisenstaedt's classic "V-J Day in Times Square" photograph, which strikes us as incredibly cute:

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It's lovely imagery that Lee's invoked to similar effect before, specifically this memorable make-out page of Superman and former wife Lois Lane from his and Brian Azzarello's 2005 graphic novel, Superman: For Tomorrow:

Also on sale this month is Wonder Woman #12, featuring a Cliff Chiang cover in which the Amazon princess is locking lips with Apollo, another all powerful bro and, if they're both children of Zeus, her actual half-bro.

That DC's Amazon princess is making out with two different godlike men on two different covers in the same month may cause some of our more conservative readers to object, but the ComicsAlliance staff are anything but player haters. This is all good news to us.


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