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'Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln on Season 7 Frustration
Let’s be honest: even the most diehard of Walking Dead fans would admit to tough going through the first half of Season 7, between all its brutality, and unease with seeing Rick so utterly broken. We’ve heard Andrew Lincoln promising a brighter future ahead, though the actor now acknowledges some fan frustration, promising “this season made a lot more sense once we got the last roll of film in the can.”
'Walking Dead' Has More Levity in 2017, Says Andrew Lincoln
It’s been an exceptionally punishing year for fans of The Walking Dead, who first endured the cop-out of Negan’s entrance, a summer spent waiting, and about eight episodes since of misery under The Saviors’ reign. Rick will finally fight back when Season 7 returns in February, and Andrew Lincoln insists “There’s a lot more levity, if you can believe that.”
'Walking Dead' S7 Premiere Clip Teases Rick Negan Showdown
The Walking Dead has the unique problem of promoting Season 7 without eliminating any cast from Negan’s potential victim pool, but at least two were pretty easily crossed off the list. A new clip from Season 7 fresh out of NYCC sees Rick and Negan in a deadly post-Lucille staredown, but is Rick about to wind up with a major injury of his own?
'Walking Dead' May End TV Series and Comic at the Same Time
Heading into its seventh season, The Walking Dead is already at an age when most series would look to start wrapping things up, though its status as AMC’s flagship hit with miles of Robert Kirkman story ahead would make that unlikely. It’s a question sure to plague the AMC series more and more in the coming years, but according to Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple, one idea sees Robert Kirkman ending both his long-running comic and the TV Walking Dead simultaneously.
'Walking Dead' Will Time-Jump for S7, Plus Big Spoiler Leak?
The Walking Dead will return in under a week’s time, picking up with one of the biggest cliffhangers in the series’ history, and answering the question of whether or not Alexandria is here to stay. That said, Andrew Lincoln teases a huge change for the back half of Season 6, while a new leaked photo may confirm some deadly consequences ahead.
'The Walking Dead' Originally Wanted Thomas Jane as Rick
Walking Dead fans have likely heard some of the development struggles it took getting AMC’s horror powerhouse off the ground, including an NBC that didn’t want zombies, but it seems the series very nearly looked quite different. Original showrunner Frank Darabont actually wanted ex-Punisher Thomas Jane for the role of Rick Grimes, before Andrew Lincoln came along.
'Walking Dead' Boss Clarifies Rick's 'Thank You' Hand Injury
Apart from The Walking Dead’s most recent (supposed) loss, fans of the AMC horror-drama couldn’t help raising a familiar flag at an apparent injury Rick suffered over the course of Sunday’s hour. We’ve seen plenty of characters losing one appendage or another, but could Rick’s hand have finally reached the chopping block?

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