The Walking Dead will return in under a week’s time, picking up with one of the biggest cliffhangers in the series’ history, and answering the question of whether or not Alexandria is here to stay. That said, Andrew Lincoln teases a huge change for the back half of Season 6, while a new leaked photo may confirm some deadly consequences ahead.

You’re warned of some potentially huge spoilers for the back half of Season 6, but where February 14 premiere “No Way Out” has plenty of immediate questions to answer, Andrew Lincoln might have revealed the AMC drama to be fast-forwarding in the near future. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor defended the show’s decision to stay in Alexandria, adding that a time-jump would help explain a few things:

When we arrived there we felt that instantly. Also, Deanna, for all of her flaws, she was an incredibly savvy leader and had great ambitions for the place. The mere fact that they were able to build the fortifications and the solar panels and all of the infrastructure is an astonishing achievement — and with nothing, no soldiers or anything. Rick’s strength is seeing that we can fortify this place.  A lot of these concerns and questions get answered relatively quickly in the first two or three episodes of this back eight. There is a time jump, I will say, at some point. And you will see why we stay in Alexandria.

Of course, there might be at least some other reason to leap forward in time, one you should BE WARNED OF MASSIVE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT. Yes? Good?

Well, among the many casualties anticipated from the climactic zombie-walk through Alexandria, many a fan have wondered if Carl will lose an eye to an errant gunshot, as happened in the books, and may seemingly have been glimpsed on set prior. Well, there’s no easy way to vet some international artwork that appears to have leaked early, but things aren’t looking so great for Carl’s depth-perception.

Assuming the photo is accurate, it would mark an interesting change for the series, given the show’s usual attempts to downplay logistically challenging injuries, as we’d seen with Rick’s hand. We’ll find out for sure in the coming weeks, but will the back half of Season 6 mark the biggest changes for The Walking Dead to date?

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