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New 'Iron Fist' Photos Reveal a 'Jessica Jones' Return
We’re officially one month closer to the Netflix debut of Marvel’s Iron Fist, and ahead of a new trailer, Danny Rand’s world is starting to open up. See for yourself in new photos, as some Jessica Jones and Daredevil favorites return, kicking off the crossover that inevitably builds to The Defenders.
'Defenders' Set Photos and 'Jessica Jones' Returning Cast
It’s a Marvel-ous time to be in New York, as the combined casts of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have hit the streets for The Defenders. Not only do our first set photos reveal a tense stand-off between Jessica Jones and Misty Knight, but so too have more super-friends signed on for the expansive cast!
'Iron Fist' Lawyers Up 'Jessica Jones' Star Carrie-Anne Moss
The moment Jessica Jones announced that Carrie-Anne Moss would play a gender-flipped version of Iron Fist character Jeryn Hogarth, it seemed inevitable the former Matrix star would cross paths with Finn Jones’ Danny Rand. And so it is, that Marvel confirms Moss will appear in the first season of Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist!
'Jessica Jones' Reveals Carrie-Anne Moss' 'Iron Fist' Tie
Many expecting the first Jessica Jones trailer to emerge from New York Comic-Con 2015 were in for a bit of disappointment, but we at least learned one major tidbit that could light the way toward our eventual Iron Fist. Just who will Carrie-Anne Moss really play when Marvel’s Jessica Jones hits on November 20?