The CBLDF Acquires Defunct Comics Code Authority Seal
Nary a tear was shed when the Comics Code Authority sputtered out earlier this year following its thorough abandonment by the publishing industry. Depending on your leanings, the CCA was either a necessary evil that "saved" comics from people freaked out over horror content in the '50s or a manifestation of creative repression that quashed progress in the medium for more than 60 years (o
‘Think of the Children’ Reveals Secret Supernatural History of the Comics Code
File under "things we can't believe someone didn't do before" this clever new web comic by Christian Sager and E.C. Steiner, Think of the Children, which tells the secret, supernatural history of the Comics Code Authority. The hybrid horror/exploitation comic stars legendary EC Comics publisher William Gaines and his nemesis Fredric Wetham, the psychiatrist whose belief that comic boo
The Alarmingly Specific Comic Book Ratings You Won't Be Seeing
This week, DC Comics announcd that they were no longer going to be abiding by the Comics Code Authority. Instead, they'll be doing something similar to what Marvel quietly did a few years back, instituting their own in-house system with ratings like T (for teens), T+ (for older teens) and that ol' standby, M (for mature). Yes, finally, after 57 years of mandatory censorship, DC will finally be abl
DC Ditches Comics Code Authority, Installs New Ratings System
After nearly sixty years, DC Comics has decided that none of its publications need carry the Seal of Approval of the controversial Comics Code Authority. The announcement was made in a communique to direct market retailers, which also included the news that DC will employ a new ratings system of its own design...