This week, DC Comics announcd that they were no longer going to be abiding by the Comics Code Authority. Instead, they'll be doing something similar to what Marvel quietly did a few years back, instituting their own in-house system with ratings like T (for teens), T+ (for older teens) and that ol' standby, M (for mature).

Yes, finally, after 57 years of mandatory censorship, DC will finally be able to explore previously unprintable subjects like rape, extreme violence, sexual content, erectile dysfunction, drug use, urophilia, and of course, zombies. And it's about time, too. The Code was seriously holding them back.

But the fact that two major publishers have moved to an in-house rating system raises an interesting point, and we here at ComicsAlliance are all for it. The only thing we don't like is how vague those ratings are. What separates a T from a T+? This is information we need to know, especially if the answer is "Dr. Light's O-Face." That's why today, we've come up with a set of specific ratings that comic book companies can use to let people know what's going on in their books.

For DC Comics:

DC isn't the only company that could use a few new ratings, though. Why not spread things out to cover the entire industry? We've got a few suggestions along those lines:

For Marvel Comics:

For Antarctic Comics, pubishers of Steampunk Palin and Obamouse:

For Archie Comics, publishers of... Archie comics:

For Zenescope, publishers of of Grimm Fairy Tales:

And finally, for Broadsword Comics, publishers of Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose:

What ratings would you like to see on your favorite comics?

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