Ask Chris #87: The Best of All Possible Dinosaurs
Here at ComicsAlliance, we value our readership and are always open to what the masses of Internet readers have to say. That's why every week, Senior Writer Chris Sims puts his comics culture knowledge to the test as he responds to your reader questions...
The Greatest Dinosaurs in Comic Books
Recently, Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard released the first issue of their all-new Super Dinosaur, where the creative team behind The Astounding Wolf-Man reunite to add robot arms, rocket launchers and shoulder-mounted laser guns to the grand and wonderful pantheon of comic book thunder lizards. And what a pantheon it is. While they've never had quite the enduring popularity in comics that was en
This Week’s New Releases and Recommendations
It's hot! I went outside to get something from my car and stuff was just bursting into flames. Mailboxes ablaze. Bike messengers that looked like Ghost Rider. I saw a fire hydrant shooting lava into the street. It's hot. I'm glad new comics come out tomorrow, because if I went to buy them today I'm afraid they might explode...