Game of Thrones

Funko Reveals NYCC 2015 Exclusive Collectibles
With October just around the bend, that means it's time for cooler weather, cooler costumes and the biggest comic book convention on the east coast. Yes, New York Comic Con is bearing down on us faster than we're prepared to deal with it, but that's okay. We'll make do. In additi…
Rape Is Not a Shortcut to Narrative Substance

WARNING: While the following images have been censored, they remain fairly graphic and may disturb some readers and may also be considered NSFW. 
I am so tired of writing about rape.
If you didn't catch the news, last Friday, the website Comic Book Resources posted a five-page preview of the latest is…
Yehudi Mercado Draws Game Of Thrones, Muppets And More
If there's one thing I know about people on the Internet, it's that there's nothing they love more than when a piece of art combines one pop culture thing with another pop culture thing. It's up there with adorable pictures of two different kinds of animals being friends on the list of things that p…

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