Janice Chiang

The 'Riverdale' Ongoing Series May In Fact Involve A Kumite [Preview]
Here's the only thing you need to know about Riverdale, the new ongoing series from Archie Comics that ties into the CW's truly bonkers television drama of the same name. So you know how every episode of the TV show is named after a movie, like "Touch of Evil" or "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"? It turns out that they're keeping that up for the comic and the two stories that make up this first issue, too. One is called Bloodsport. The other is called Bring It On.
'Deadman: Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love' #3 [Preview]
Sarah Vaughn, Lan Medina and Jose Villarrubia's Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love --- while not officially a DC Rebirth title --- has been one of the most exciting titles released in the Rebirth era, mixing gothic horror, romance, and superheroes in a way the character was always crying out for. The third and final issue is out next week, and DC has provided us with an exclusive extended preview of what is sure to be a somber and emotional finale.