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Hear Mark Hamill Read Trump Tweets as the Joker
The most widely recognized iterations of Batman’s constant foe the Joker would probably have to be Heath Ledger as the unchained mad-dog of The Dark Knight, Jack Nicholson as an urbane creep in Tim Burton’s 1989 film, and to a lesser extent, Cesar Romero’s campy turn in the goofy TV series from the ’60s. But Mark Hamill logged more hours as the Clown Prince of Crime than the rest of them put together, voicing the Joker in the long-running animated series and its many spin-offs. The man with the greatest claim to the Joker persona dusted off his special crazy-voice this week for a more pointedly political purpose than the usual cocktail-party entertainment.
'Flash' Confirms Mark Hamill's Earth 3 Trickster in New Clip
The Flash has only defined a select number of Earths outside of the 52 we know to exist, but tonight’s winter finale “The Present” will get us up to speed a bit more on Earth-3, home to John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick. Our first clip also confirms that Mark Hamill will reprise his tricky role on that Earth, but as you’ll see, Barry and Jay have bigger problems.
'Flash' Returns Mark Hamill in 'The Present' Finale Photos
The Flash just couldn’t celebrate Christmas without Mark Hamill up to his old tricks, and “The Present” is all ours, come Season 3's midyear finale. Our first photos for The Flash’s 2016 post-“Invasion!” sign-off has arrived, as Jay Garrick and a very different-looking Trickster make their presence known.
'Justice League Action' Premiere Set for December
Justice League Action, the new animated Cartoon Network series featuring all your DC Comics favorites, premieres on December 16 with a special event. “Shazam Slam” is a four-part epic featuring Black Adam, Shazam, and Batman turning into a bat-monster. Sean Astin voices Shazam, by which I assume they mean the original Captain Marvel, since Astin is much better suited for a hero with the spirit of a child, than for a wise old wizard. In fact, Carl Reiner is credited as the Wizard, which probably means the character we used to call Shazam, since the old Justice Society villain the Wizard would be a stranger choice.
'Justice League Action' Goes for Laughs in First Clips
Just when DC had us distracted with one shiny animation return, so too is the Justice League ready to grace our screens again in animated form. See for yourself in new clips from the forthcoming Justice League Action, including musical moments, alien worlds and a little Bat-time travel.
'Flash' Season 3 Plots Mark Hamill's Trickster Return
The Flash has paid homage to its original 1990 TV incarnation about thrice over by now, but with John Wesley Shipp finally joining the race, it was only a matter of time before things got tricky once more. Looks like Mark Hamill is in on the joke, as fresh set photos reveal the Trickster’s new look in Season 3.
DC Might Turn Two More Batman Stories Into Animated Films
At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the next slate of DC Animated films for 2017 was released, which consists of Justice League Dark, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and an original feature by Bruce Timm called Batman and Harley Quinn. But it sounds like more may be on the way, if Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy have any say in the matter.
Poll: Who Is The Best Mass Media Joker?
Ever since he made his debut in 1940's Batman #1, the Joker has been the arch-criminal among arch-criminals, the one villain who can truly lay claim to being Batman's nemesis. As a result, he's made quite a few appearances across other media, serving as the antagonist in movies, television, and even a handful of video games. Now, with Jared Leto set to take the role with a new interpretation rooted in questionable tattoos and on-set method-acting antics, it's time for us to finally sit down and figure out where we stand. For that, we turn to you, dear reader, as we ask that you cast your vote to tell us which mass media Joker performance is the undisputed best!
‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Debuts First Teaser, Sneak Peek
The Killing Joke is one of the most divisive Batman stories of all time. Alan Moore’s graphic novel remains a thorny topic for some fans, who feel as though Barbara Gordon’s treatment is despicable, while others have lauded Moore’s work as an iconic installment in the ongoing saga of Batman and The Joker. Further raising a few eyebrows is DC Comics’ animated adaptation of the story, which now has an official teaser along with a 12-minute sneak peek to show you how they brought this particular tale from page to screen.

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