I’m David: Welcome to Black History Month
I've been black since the day I was born, reading comics since before I could properly read, writing about comics since 2005, writing about the intersection of race and comics since 2006, and purposefully writing about the intersection of race and comics since 2007...
Digital ComicsAlliance: The Cream of the Neo-Milestone Comics Crop
A few years ago, DC Comics announced that they'd licensed the characters from Milestone Media and would be folding them into the DC Universe at large. Milestone was one of the most forward-thinking and best-produced comics companies of the '90s, and built a truly inclusive universe that reflected a variety of ages, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, religions, political alignments,
Tommy Lee Edwards, DC Comics and the Dwayne McDuffie Tribute
Given the heartfelt reaction the comics community had to the untimely passing of Dwayne McDuffie last month, it's not surprising that DC Comics ordered production of a special one-shot to honor the beloved writer and animation producer. Static Shock Special #1 was solicited for this June and features contributions from a number of McDuffie's friends and colleagues from Milestone Media, the company